Mexsol’s talented team has been thoroughly studying the Mexican furniture manufacturing market since October 2019 at the request of several blue-chip companies, surveying and cataloging over 100 domestic and export-orientated manufacturing across all sectors (solid wood, agglomerate, metal, upholstery).

The conclusión is that the manufacturing systems, machinery, know-how, certifications, and manufacturing facility, quality assurance, Mexican corporate culture amongst other factors make it impossible for current Mexican furniture manufacturers to serve the needs of volume businesses with specific needs, and so new investment is required to give the volume furniture market access to sourcing out of Mexico.

2020 saw Mexsol branch out into commodities and products made in Mexico and internationally to support private and public sectors in PPE sourcing required for the pandemic, from Polystyrene sheets, to face masks and nitrile gloves, hand sanitizer, copper, and even soybeans, Mexsol enjoyed the broader, higher volume, more structured approach required for trades, associating itself with Californian law firm Finney Arnold & Associates to tie in international contracts serving North American markets.

Mexico also experiences a sustained boom in furniture manufacturing and exports, Mexsol’s core industry booms in Mexico due to the changing international market conditions such as the commercial was with China and the 25% tariffs, the rise in a 40’ container shipment from USD 6,000 to cost USD 12,000 from Asia to the USA and rising Asian labor costs.

The shortage of international lumber has Mexsol sourcing hundreds of containers of pine per month Mexican manufacturers with a search from Canada to Brazil.

Mexsol is committed to attracting volume projects from the $150 billion US and Canada furniture market back from Asia, helping créate solutions for clients wanting to switch production to Mexico, while providing the public and private investment relationships within Mexico and the international legal framework to protect all interests and generate win-win partnerships in the North American furniture sector.

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