Mexsol was founded in 2015 with the purpose of becoming a vehicle to facilitate trade between Mexico and the United States.

Our methodology allows for Mexsol to provide a world-class sourcing service specializing with Mexico into the USA.
Due to the 20 year experience in manufacturing and international trade from founder Jose Eskauriatza (University of Manchester and HEC Paris – International Business Msc), Mexsol became the Mexico sourcing agency for an NYSE listed client that supplies the largest companies of the USA with home decor and furnishings.

We deliver the best value, most direct service providing timely and important information from sourcing spec sheets and Factory profiles to batch testing for volume orders, logistics specialists for Mexico and USA, customs agents both sides a variety of methods of payments and insurance of merchandise in transit, a whole toolkit o tailor the export solution for each client and each product.

Mexsol sources directly out of Mexico by staying true to fair and honest international trade values. Delivering the truth in every aspect of its interactions with both suppliers and clients. Elimination of uncertainties is key to international trade. Mexsol delivers trust to serious buyers that want financial security in their transactions and serious addressing of any commercial issues relevant to their purchases.

Sample procedures for generic exports:

  1. Receive or provide a spec sheet of the desired product.
  2. Scouting of Mexican suppliers relevant to the product sought.
  3. Best commercial terms negotiated subject to order specifications after any trade considerations, timelines established and trading terms.
  4. Normal, non-consecutive trades typically involve a 50% deposit that can be received by credit card, letter of credit or wire transfer.
  5. A Q.A. report is recommended for volume deals to ensure merchandise is of the right quality and the quantity is validated.
  6. Upon approving the report, the client continues with settling the 50% balance against invoices of products being loaded.
  7. Transport is booked and positioned, merchandise is loaded.
  8. Bill of lading is released, the shipment crosses the Mexico / USA border and delivery is made.
  9. Any discrepancies are followed up and settled with the manufacturer so as to close off the transaction to our client’s satisfaction.
  10. Future improvements are noted and acted on for the next trade.
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