Introducing Mexsol’s wholesaling commercial partner Fine Furniture International (FFI), based in Pinehurst, Texas (North side of Houston).

Mexsol has fomented international trade over the last 20 years and is currently engaged in developing Fine Furniture International’s project which is envisaged to be the new high bar for furniture built by Mexico, for Texas, focused on the lifestyle trend.

The Project has been developed over the past six months between Paul Andrejczak CEO of FFI and Jose of Mexsol, with a shared goal of suppling a pipeline of the best quality solid wood furniture out of Mexico, adopting market trends and improving them to be bigger and better with more finishing options at competitive prices.

Paul quotes “After daily interactions with consumer and trade, my vision is to evolve the solid wood trend to meet changing consumer requirements in the mid-high market ant to give more for their money.”

The initial scope of FFI is bedroom where we’re running Premium versions of Sofia, Selena and Grand Hacienda (for catalog please scroll below email, price list attached).  IFF is flowing trucks of each bedroom set into Texas and is loyally building an account base of retailers who want a continuous supply of the best furniture.

The main selling points of retailing IFF bedroom products are:
  • Bolt insert bed system vs hook system (solid vs flimsy structure for beds).
  • 50% slat coverage and center supports touching floor vs not (to comply with box spring and mattress warranies)
  • Headboards with bed posts fully assembled vs strange assembly methods that damage the structural integrity of a bed post (more integral product and saving instalation time).
  • All Dressers 72”, allowing to rest a 75” TV (the new standard) on top vs 60” standard across competitions version.
  • Nightstands 32” – 36” tall allowing for reaching across from bed.
  • All drawers on metal glides and with dovetail joints with clear lacquer finishing on the inside vs inferior wax or undinished drawers that will make clothes smell bad and/or warp.
  • More finishes the sell from using ‘intelligent shipping’: Our sets will be available in one trademark finish each and four generic finishes:  Selena: IFF White, Sofia: Creme, Grand Hacienda Plus: Old West and generic:  Distressed Grey, Premium White, Avocado, you order we paint our Mexico stock and it ships.
  • Fine furniture International will also deliver pre-orders orders on its catalog in MOQ of 4 in any finish delivered to Pinehurst so you can stock up on items you need outside of our operation.
If you’d like Price list and or more information please or call or email  Paul Andrejczak:

Cell: 832 585 3660

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